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Taking over some software projects

Posted January 02, 2017 by Solbu in Gnu-Linux

The last couple of years I've been thining that some of my prefered software packages might be dropped by the various Gnu-Linux distributions, because no one is maintaining them upstream. So this last december I decided to try and do something about two projects that I find really usefull: Grip and listadmin.

I am not a programmer, not a good one anyway, so at least currently it is not much I can do with regards to the coding. But I can implement small changes, check and apply patches that come in, and so on.

If any one want to help continue the development, join me, join one or more of the projects.

If you have patches that should be implemented, join the development team or open a ticket at the SF-project.

Forking Grip. Help wanted

Posted December 30, 2016 by Solbu in Gnu-Linux

I have been thinking for some months now about forking Grip, the GTK cd ripper. Mainly in order to ensure it's still usable and included in the various distributions, as it is my prefered cd ripper. The last release was in june 25, 2005, and it show all the ...

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att: You self proclaimed Gnu-Linux gods

Posted May 07, 2002 by Solbu in Gnu-Linux

This is something I sent to a usenet group in 2002 in response to a posting which I thought was rude, and I blew up.

Subject: att: you selfproclaimed Gnu-Linux gods
Date: Tue, 7 May 2002 14:03:28 +0200
From: Johnny Solbu

On 7. mai 2002 09:04 Frank ...

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To stupid for GNU-Linux

Posted April 07, 2002 by Solbu in Gnu-Linux

This usenet post was posted on alt.os.linux.mandrake by someone some time ago.

Sorry for not crossposting to 7 other newsgroups as I could not figure out how to do that.

I decided to try Mandrake Linux as I heard it was a l337 system.
The first thing ...

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