Johnny A. Solbu


Here are a few programs that I have created, or distribute.

Grip (GPLv2+)
GTK based cd-ripper.
Listadmin (Public Domain)
Administer Mailman based mailinglists from the terminal.
Fryktelig Fin Faktura (GPLv2)
Norwegian invoice software, for use in Norway, written in python by HÃ¥vard Gulldahl. Invoices are created as PDF or printed on the paper form F60.
CAP v2.02 (GPLv3+)
A DOS program that displayes X megabytes free diskspace on an X megabytes harddrive.
colorize v0.3.4 (GPLv2+) A perl script that colorize the output of for example tail, like your logfiles.
DEB packages
Debian packages that I've made.
RPM packages
RPM packages that I've made, which can be added as a repository in Mandriva, Mageia and FreePBX.