Johnny A. Solbu

Norwegian bible translatons in OpenLP

Posted June 19, 2017 by Solbu in Gnu-Linux (GNU/Linux, software, OpenLP, Chuch software)

This year I got involved in trying to get norwegian bible translations into OpenLP. OpenLP is a Free Software alternative to EasyWorship.

Until recently it was not easy to get a norwegian bible translation into OpenLP. So I did some work with the OpenPL team, and this spring there is a Norwegian Bokmål and Nynorsk translation awailable from the initial setup wizard, in the bible download tab. The translations are from 1930 and 1921, respectively. The reason it is those old versions is that those are no longer protected by copyrights, and is therefore free to use by anyone.

For those of us who prefer Free Software over proprietary software this is good news. With OpenLP one have an excellent alternative to the proprietary EasyWorship. EasyWorship is not Free Software, it is Free of Charge. There is a difference. :-)