Johnny A. Solbu


Here are a few programs that I have created, distribute or maintain.

Grip (GPLv2+)
GTK based cd-ripper.
Listadmin (Public Domain)
Administer Mailman based mailinglists from the terminal.
Fryktelig Fin Faktura (GPLv2)
Norwegian invoice software, for use in Norway, written in python by HÃ¥vard Gulldahl. Invoices are created as PDF or printed on the paper form F60.
CAP v2.02 (GPLv3+)
A DOS program that displayes X megabytes free diskspace on an X megabytes harddrive.
colorize (GPLv2+) A perl script that colorize the output of for example tail, like your logfiles.
DEB packages
Debian packages that I've made, which resides in a local Debian repository I maintain.
RPM packages
RPM packages that I've made, which can be added as a repository in Mandriva, Mageia and FreePBX.