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Welcome to the unofficial THE MISCELLANEOUS fanpage.
This site is to promote their music.


2022-04-02: All 3 albums are uploaded to Youtube by the record company. See links page.
2015-04-07: "She walks alone with me" found on iTunes. See links page.
2011-11-20: "All god weeds grop up" and "Moth & Rust" found on iTunes. See links page.
"Horizon Blue" and "Child" found on YouTube. See the music page. Both videos are made by Stef Loy sometime in 2011.
2011-03-23: I have found all tracks from "She walks alone with me" on YouTube. See links on the music page.
2011-03-18: The music files are converted from Realmedia to OGG Vorbis format.
2011-03-17: Moth & Rust is found on Amazon. Added to the Links page.
2009-11-26: She Walks Alone With Me is found on Amazon. Added to the Links page.
2008-04-02: Added Links to two of the band members homepage.
2007-12-30: Added Links to where one can by CDs. Also an interview with The Miscellaneous from 1998 was found.
2007-12-04: The Links page now have a link to an interview with Stef Loy.

When I encounter articles that in some way are related to The miscellaneous, I will add a link on the links page. If you encounter any spelling errors or bad links, report them to me with a description of the problem, and I'll fix them.

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